Meet the DJ2023-10-29T08:56:45+01:00

Meet the DJ

What current trends or changes in the DJ scene do you observe at the moment and how do you judge them?2023-10-21T08:47:44+02:00

What constitutes „rap“ today is somehow no longer anywhere near „danceable“ like a hypnotize or the like. The breadth of music genres is getting more and more difficult if you don’t commit to just one, and the chat at the record dealer about new tracks with other deejays doesn’t exist anymore ;(

How do you manage to keep reinventing yourself and keep your individual style?2023-10-21T08:47:03+02:00

Best to forget what you played last time, so not the songs but the order.

Do you have any tips for aspirants who are just starting out as DJs?2023-10-21T08:46:07+02:00

Don’t just deal with the „new songs“…research the past as well.

Are there any individual DJs or artists who have had an influence on your own musical career?2023-10-21T08:45:18+02:00

Yes, Ben Liebrand.

How do you master the challenge of keeping the audience on the dance floor and responding to their needs?2023-10-21T08:44:36+02:00

Normally when you have the crowd „in hand“, music requests are few and far between, and those should only be fulfilled if they really fit.

What special skills do you think are most important for a DJ?2023-10-21T08:43:49+02:00

Experience and thinking outside the box regarding the songs, the rest that you needed in the past to bring 2 songs together, today the technology already takes over almost 90%.

How do you prepare for your gigs? Is there a specific routine that you follow?2023-10-21T08:48:31+02:00

Preparation depends on the type of event. In most cases, experience is sufficient preparation, otherwise, of course, research if it concerns something you’ve never had before. And routines are not a good idea, that makes for a set where you can set your watch by the songs 😂😂.

What music genres do you favor when DJing and what motivates those preferences?2023-10-21T08:49:12+02:00

Actually I love new jack swing at the beginning of the nineties, but it is rather rare that you can play something like that. Otherwise, except for Schlager, I „get along“ with many genres.

Have you experienced a memorable event or had a special dj experience?2023-10-21T08:48:57+02:00

DJing in the tower room of the french cathedral for the crew of DKNY, was a highlight with the sunrise over the roofs of berlin.

How did you develop your musical interest and what made you decide to pursue a career as a dj?2023-10-21T08:48:43+02:00

Musically I was introduced to music through AFN which my dad listened to, the deejaying was sparked by mixtapes and records which contained „megamixes“. Max mix for example was such a series.

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